Nike Mens Air Force 1 Ultra Force

Nike Mens Air Force 1 Ultra Force 

Style Code: 845061-400

Nike Mens Air Force 1 Ultra Force 

Check out the Nike Air Force 1. This trainer was first released in 1982 and it didn’t take long for the shoe to become a popular choice of footwear. This particular model was designed in collaboration with football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo.

‘Air in a box’. That was Nike’s simple ad campaign slogan when they launched the Air Force 1 in 1982. The first basketball shoe that featured a pocket filled with air in the heel for cushioning and support. Nowadays the Air Force 1 is still worn by many sneaker heads. Its a trainer that refuses to die out as new editions release every year.

If your looking for a shoe that will definitely turn heads and stand out from the rest of the crowd then look no further. The Air Force 1 Ultra Force is a loud and boisterous trainer which makes it a must have shoe.

As expected this trainer comes with the signature Air force 1 sole with the “Air” branding embossed to the chunky mid-sole.

Like to own a pair for yourself ? The Nike air force 1 ultra force is available from our website now with a wide range of sizes available. Click on the link below to check them out.

Nike Mens Air Force 1 Ultra Force Gym Trainers















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